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Daniel Chapter 12
For any Christian, the second coming of Jesus Christ is the ultimate goal because Christ will come with a prize to give to those who kept the faith. For this reason, there is need to have the knowledge of the bible in Daniel chapter 12 so that you can understand the events surrounding the second coming of Jesus. For Adventist believers, they have been always interested in the book of Daniel because it is a prophecy of the things that will happen in the future as prophesied by many prophets. This book of Daniel especially chapter 12 explains the end of time and the signification on how to interpret prophecy in order to understand events as they unfold in the end times. You need to make sure that you have read this book and understood it well if you desire to understand and be able to interpret the end time events.

If you want to understand the events especially in Daniel about the future and the end times, you need to make sure that you have a pastor or evangelist that understands the events in the bible so that they can be able to interpret for you and teach you all that you desire to understand. It is important that this happens because when you understand the bible, you will be able to interpret the happenings as they unfold every single day. There are pastors who have studied theology and have specialized in events and happenings especially in the book of Daniel meaning in case you want to understand well the events of the end time and the book, you can subscribe to their teachings. This will give you a general guideline on how to go about it and be able to get a deeper understanding of the book even when it is a prophecy. When you have a pastor that has a deep we understanding, it will be possible for you to get the relationship between a Christian and the happenings in the current worked because with proper teachings you can put each event in a proper context.

You can find a pastor who has done research and has come up with proper findings on what the book of Daniel chapter 1 is all about. It is not possible to have a specific understanding of the bible by reading it once and therefore there is need for you to do a regular reading, understanding and get guidance. You must ensure that the pastor from whom you seek guidance is one that is well organized and is serious with research one who has thirst to make discoveries every single day. It is important to make sure that you are well covered in order for you to succeed in getting to learn if you want to have adequate knowledge about the events happening. In this regard, there is need for you to make a choice of the best pastor that has adequate knowledge of the bible especially Daniel chapter 12 if you want to have a deeper understanding of the bible and the prophecy thereof.

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